Thank you to our class' wonderful and generous supporters, our Class Lifetime Members! Thanks to you, the class received $711.28 in dividends from the college in FY16 (up from $644.54 in FY15, and 42% more than four years ago, $500.50 in FY13)!!
We have 91 Class Lifetime Members in a class of about 648. If we have about 29 more members, we may have about $1,000 in dividends.

Here are the Class Lifetime Members:

What is a Class Lifetime Membership?

Class Lifetime Membership is a way to support your class one time for a lifetime. 

Class Lifetime Membership (CLM) donations go to a class endowment, for which the class receives annual dividends every spring from the college. Historically, the return has been averaging 6% a year. So after about 12 years, the dividends that the class receives exceeds the original amount contributed.

The most successful class treasuries are able to solely use funds from the dividends of the Class endowment for all expenses!

Remember, class activities and reunions are not supported by the college, and are solely supported through the class treasury, which are funded by you, our classmates.

It is easy to give to the class!
Here are three easy ways to do it.
1.  Login to the Class of 1998's new website: (for help: or 781.283.3333)
2. Select "Support 1998" at top.
3. Select "Class Dues".
4. Select $20 Annual Dues or $198 Class Lifetime Dues.
2) Send a check payable to "Wellesley College Class of 1998"
Mailing address:
Janet Liu
13 Marshall St
Watertown, MA 02472
For any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact class treasurer Janet Liu (

Class Lifetime Members

Karen (Fischer) Abraham
Camila Alarcon
Liany Arroyo
Jayshree Balasubramanian
Tekesha Barber
Julia Barnard
Katherine Bates
Sylvana Bennett
Vanessa (Kroll) Bennett
Lindsay Bigoness
Jessica Black
Nancy Boren
Christina Bresani
Suzanne (Henry) Brody
Lydia Buckley
Kristin Burns
Cady (Alpert) Burstein
Susan Camuti
Susie Cha
Sumaira A. Chowdhury
Jody Clawson
Katherine (Nicole) Clouse
Mary (Elizabeth) (Graettinger) Cole
Laura Cole
Laura Compton
Kimberly Davidson
Syeachia Dennis
Jennifer Dorantes
Jamie Eve
Meredith Fenton
Laura Fink
Justine Firnhaber-Baker
Claire Giddings
Erin (Clary) Giglia
Clare (Cummings) Hallinan
Lorraine Hanley
Kristin (Lambert) Hendler
Karen (Lyter) Hidalgo
Anne Hillier
Katherine (Quan) Hoang
Lian-Marie Holmes-Munro
Jennifer Hsieh
Gagan Khera
Miriam (Goldsmith) Krieger
Tracy Kukkonen
Cinthia (Hsieh) Kush
Heather Latham
Alta Lee
Janet Si-Ming Lee
Ann Lichter
Christine Lim
Kara Lipson
Janet Liu
Rebecca Longworth
Alice Marwick
Elise Matefy
Catherine McComis
Anne-Valerie Mirko
Shaan Kandawalla
JoAnn (Ostrander) Ollila
Kathleen Ong
Tyree Oredein
Melanie Paddon
Jennifer (Parmelee) Parmelee Witt
Julia Pastore
Pamela Peak
Karen (Beck) Pooley
Diane Quick
Elizabeth (Jackson) Rak
Tene (Bagley) Raymond
Eileen Rhee
Karen Rollins
Elizabeth (Hokanson) Russo
Casey (Witman) Sankey
Erin Santiago
Bridget Scott
Mala Shah
Jessica Shlasko
Laurie (Straus) Skantze
Jessica Snyder
Grace Song
Xanthe Sonza
Virginia (Licklider) Still
Junko Takeshita
Janelle Tsai
Jenny Wallner
Elizabeth Wax
Allison Werner
Jessica (Windrem) Windrem-Mayo
Wendy Wong
Roxanne Wu
Philippa Zainoeddin